Easily find the most suitable professional for your needs with the iUto app

Developed by David Lo Bue, iUto is a tool that allows the user to find the professional most suited to their needs, such as a bleach, an electrician, a plumber, a gardener, a lawyer.

Users can search for the right person by navigating through the various categories, by selecting the relevant geographic area or by limiting the search to the one in their vicinity by taking advantage of the device’s gps.

With a free registration, service-based professionals will be able to create their profile with basic information, with the option to expand by choosing one of the “Plus” paid packages that will give you greater visibility, with additional options that will allow them to be traced by a More users, who can also recommend activity on Facebook or WhatsApp.

IUto is available for Android for free and requires access permissions to: location, phone, photos, media, and files. Next, find the demo movie and the badge to reach the application page in the Play Store.



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