Tilted – Tale of Refraction is a puzzle based on the refraction of light

Developed by Arcanheim Softworks, Tilted – A Tale of Refraction is a puzzle game with a gameplay based on the physics of reflection and refraction of light.

In the game you control a prism, with which you will have to complete the various levels through the caves by deviating the colored laser beams, trying to make a path that will overcome the obstacles present.

The title features a graphic style that offers hand-drawn levels and a minimal gameplay supported by intuitive controls that introduces new hand-held mechanics that advance in the game.

Soon, the developer will add a story mode and the ability to personalize skin prisms.

Tilted – Tale of Refraction is available for Android free of charge by advertisements and optional in-app purchases and can be accessed in the Play Store by clicking on the badges found under the game trailer.

Android app sul Google Play




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