The essence of the no-frills golf with OK Golf

OK Golf is a sport game offered by Playdigious (Take Cover, Mini Metro) where you have to make a hole with as few hits as possible.

The gaming experience is arcade type and offers a simplified version of golf sports, with simple and immediate commands, in fact it is sufficient to aim at the hole, drag a finger to load the power of the shot and release to hit the ball .

The golf courses are hand-made miniature 3D dioramas and are inspired by really famous real playing fields, with a relaxing atmosphere characterized by natural sounds.

The game offers various gameplay modes and secret fields to unlock and allows challenging online gamers from all over the world or friends on the same device thanks to the hot seat mode.

OK Golf is available for Android at a price of € 2.99 without in-app purchases and can be reached in the Play Store by clicking on the badges found under the game trailer.



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