50 free Cubot S550 Pro for reviewing

Cubot launched a phone with fingerprint recognition in December last year: S550. The design of which is of mainstream, and its mid-frame is metal material, glass material for both sides, the whole phone is very luxurious and delicate. Cubot will launch its upgraded version S550 Pro by the end of June this year. It means that the firmware will be upgraded but the appearance keeps same, what is more commendable, the price will not increase.


Cubot S550 Pro is equipped with a MTK6735 Quad core processor, 5.5 inches display, memory combination is upgraded to 3GB RAM + 16GB ROM, and the phone own storage space can be extended to 128GB. As for the camera, 8MP for front camera and 13MP for rear camera. The battery capacity is 3000mAh. It also supports dual SIM cards and rear fingerprint recognition.

Link: http://www.cubot.net/smartphones/s550-pro/

It is reported that Cubot S550 Pro will be on sale in early July, 50 free Cubot S550 Pro will be sent for reviewing, and all the media evaluation persons are welcomed to apply for a free reviewing phone, please contact tracy@cubot.net if necessary.

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  1. Phones Cubot are designer pieces over other brands. Moreover, they are well equipped. And the cost of such gems is spectacular. I would I, too, such a phone would like to have.

    Best regards

  2. Hi,

    I have CUBOT x17 and for now, its running smoothly and i don’t have complaint, except for the battery life. I wish to try this new CUBOT S550 Pro.

    Best regards.

  3. Looking to move away from the Fruit phone and have heard great reviews on Cubot phones. As I am heavily involved with technical support I would be more than happy to review this phone for you.

  4. I live in the UK and have been looking to buy an affordable and cutting edge phone such as yours. I’d like to review it please.

  5. I am over 70 years old, love modern technology, i have had about 7 mobiles in the past the last one was a Motorola moto 1st gen, i have a Cubot Rainbow at the moment, gold cover, absolutely love the phone, easy to use looks really good, visually stunning colours are great, thought it so good convinced my sister to have one, she never puts it down, and she is nearly 70 years old, these Cubot mobiles are really fantastic, thank you.

  6. Hi, I bought cubot rainbow2 . Really nice. Could you pleasetell me how to register for manufacturer warranty . Thank you

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